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Each LoboHouse team member brings a unique understanding, assessment and interpretation of marketing and design to our clients. Our creative team not only has the right mix of professional skills, but it has the right mix of personality traits.

Nikola Nikolić

LoboHouse Agency Co-Founder
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Leader of Video & Design team

Increasing your conversion rates, clarifying your product, and boosting your sales are just 3 of the 10 reasons your business should have an explainer video. I have more than 15 years of experience in producing different types of videos that helped 100s of clients.

Producing work that is focused, informative, compelling and creative. Developing best-in-class solutions that would allow my clients to achieve phenomenal results. Possessing an energetic, resourceful, responsive and self-motivated attitude for success.

Beside the visual style, even more important is to make a video that will send the message, and give results. What type of video suits your business depends on who you and your audience are.

With the individual approach, I am constantly trying to make eye catching videos that will improve both your business and your image with their unique style.

Nikola Mladenović

LoboHouse Agency Co-Founder
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Online Business Development

Marketing professional, who leads the development and implementation of brand strategies across all digital, social, web and mobile consumer touch points to meet overall company marketing goals.

I have a creative and analytical role; immersed in the research, media, messaging, creative, analysis and measurement, I am creating short and long-term plans for assigned campaigns to drive movement of key metrics and profitable growth.
Thought leadership and the ability to manage numerous cross-functional priorities within high-visibility initiatives.

As Digital Marketing Manager, I would be responsible for delivering the digital brand objectives.
By creating and publishing remarkable content in the form that educates, informs, inspires and entertains, we can begin to build relationships with prospects early on in the buying cycle. We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions.

My responsibilities include managing all brand communications through digital channels, setting up, selling and executing a vision, from delivering stand alone projects to integrated campaigns, developing brand presence, tracking online and delivering brand email.

Passionate people, who want to make a difference


At LoboHouse we pride ourselves in creating smart and simple solutions to complex problems. We combine knowledge and experience from a broad range of disciplines and services to gain gems of insight, imagine unexpected approaches to challenges, communicate ideas in new ways and deliver designs and solutions that delights in their simplicity.
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Bojan Ilić

Video Production

I am operating right now! My bio is coming soon.

Igor Jovanović

Video Production

I have a master degree in graphic design from Academy of Arts. My primary job is creating motion graphic and commercial videos, but I’m also skilled in classic design solutions, such as logotypes.

I play drums and, in my spare time, I like to go fishing.

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Jelena Pljevačić

Content management - Team Leader

I graduated from Faculty of Economics, financial department. Economy is my specialty but when it comes to copywriting and content strategy I am as equally proficient.

Writing a blog was a stepping stone into a marketing world. Playing with words is my thing, striving for perfection is my goal. I am persistent researcher, analytical to the finest details.

Being a part of  the creative team is the wind in my sails.

Dina Djordjević

Creative / Copywriting & Social Networks

Creative writer, wannabe journalist and marketing lover trapped in a body of a political scientist.
More than 20 clients with whom I worked during my career in the field of PR and marketing services, as well as organizing events, can confirm that I’m incredibly persistent and hard working person. I am serious: ask anyone from Coca Cola Company, Coca Cola Hellenic, Heineken, Pharmas or HTC!

Content creation is my passion, and the tools that I use to get the job done as good as possible are simple – learning and constant improvement, and of course: reading, reading and… Oh yes, reading. In love with social media since 2008.

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Milica Pljevačić

Creative & Copywriting Senior

I am biologist graduated from Faculty of Natural Sciences. Though I have a passion for nature I found myself building a path toward creative writing.

Being a copywriter allows me to express my creativity within a broad range of web marketing services. I am goal oriented, self driven person, with an eye for a detail and a real bookworm some might argue.

Ivan Mladenović

Visual / Graphic Design & Social Networks

I am a designer, photographer and social media manager, with 10 years of experience in advertisement design and commercial photography. From small business to corporations, I have been involved in variety of projects that employ my skillset in a variety of ways.

It is my strong belief that a good design and/or a commercial photo should represent and communicate the message that the product serves or a service provides, relaying the message as well as radiating confidence in a product or a service. Combine that with current social media platforms and you get a powerful and far reaching tool for all-round marketing that can set your product or service apart from competition.

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Alexander Masters

Audio production & Voice Over

Since 2008, Alexander has been providing voice over and copy writing services to clients world-wide. He has dedicated much of his time to building a state-of-the-art home recording studio, and is able to produce broadcast-quality sound from the convenience of his home, making his turnaround times lighting fast!

Earning his degree in Creative Writing and extensive theater involvement has greatly influenced his approach to narration, enabling him to shift moods, characters, accents and ages, convincingly and effortlessly.

Likewise, the experience of voicing has, in turn, influenced the way he writes—where syntax, tempo, and vocabulary choices are taken into close considerations with regard to the way they will sound in the final output.

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