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LoboHouse is a digital creative agency that offers all inclusive, in-house solutions to meet all of your marketing needs. Our areas of expertise include graphic and web design, video production, and digital marketing. Over the past six years, our team members have been building unique digital products, platforms, and experiences for a wide variety of clients and applications. We’ve come together to form LoboHouse: a creative agency that unites craftsmanship and a passion for all things digital, and delivers meaning and value to all of our clients and their end users.
LoboHouse has had the pleasure of working with both large brands with vast reach, as well as innovative small business startups and organizations that serve specific niche markets. Each client will have the chance to work directly with one or more of our team members, ensuring an adaptive, personalized approach that addresses every client need. This method reflects our conviction that great solutions and designs are only made possible when knowledge, passion, and personal commitment are utilized to their full extent. We pride ourselves in developing and maintaining close partnerships with our clients-- following their success stories and working alongside them to create even better products, platforms, and experiences. And just like the clients we work with, we put our hearts and minds into every solution we develop on their behalf, ensuring campaigns are on message and users are fully engaged.



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Meet the Team
Each LoboHouse team member offers a unique perspective and understanding of marketing and design strategies that best fit your needs, bringing to the table not only the right mix of professional skills, but also the right mix of personality traits.
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Our Projects
We pride ourselves in delivering smart and simple solutions to complex problems. By combining the knowledge and experience from a broad range of disciplines and services, we gain gems of insight, imagine unconventional approaches to challenges, and communicate ideas in ways that delight in their simplicity.
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